So Cold

Temperament this is how I get
I should learn when it goes amiss
But it’s like I’m falling it feels right
You’re in my head
We make decisions in the moment I fear
Sometimes enough is never enough my dear

We talk for hours till the point I’m up
Questioning if this is what I should be doing
This is what I should be doing

I try to make you happy
But sometimes its out of my hands
Hot then cold I watch as you unfold
Where do you go?

I should just stop looking at the clock
And know that I’ll be waiting here
I waited there, I waited
I waited there, I waited

That’s not for me though
Even with your blue eyes that won’t
Let people in and I wonder what has made you cold
You’re so cold

Incapable of making decisions
Oh decent decisions they’re gone
Incapable of making decisions
No decent decisions
I am doin’ what I want

I think of you and I
Wonder what it is you like
You’re still approaching me
But you’re checkin’ out
Whenever you get doubts
So don’t come knocking at my door
If you have no intent on letting me in
You’re so cold, you’re so cold, you’re so cold