Curious Life

I’ll try to pass you never know
You know that story and how it goes
Up in smoke a great white sky
For the ventured curious life, who knew?
The curious life, who knew?

I’ll pack a bag, a little rough
A thousand words was just enough
To get me by the little lines
That you always have to climb
I’ll concentrate, a different time
Failed attempts at finish lines
How are the people in your life?
We take what comes at us
And we deal with it differently
Yeah we deal with it differently

Have trust everything is gonna be alright
Have trust everything is gonna be alright
Alright, Alright
It’s a curious life

It takes a lot that’s no question
To deal with the mind
Hearing out the grey and blacks
New colours all the time
Doing what you don’t want
Living someone else’s life
He tried to be the good cop
Bet he didn’t think he’d die
Everything is gonna be alright

When bad news comes don’t hang your feet
Cuz it goes in circles
Past beliefs will change with time and you think you’re sure
But you never know what happens, that’s for sure